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StarClub Launches Next-Generation Social Media Connecting Celebrities, Fans

Posted May. 20, 2014, 7:24 am

Mirror Staff

StarClub, Inc., aims to transform the social media universe by banishing online barriers that traditionally separated celebrities from their fans. The social media site provides celebrities a high-technology vehicle to capitalize on their hard-won star power and to realize considerable revenues that currently go uncollected.

Until now, millions of “Followers” and “Likes” on a high-profile entertainment figure’s social media profile merely enriched large corporations unrelated to the celebrity. StarClub aims to translate celebrities’ social media content - photos, messages, videos and other outreach tools - into income for the artist, rewarding his or her talent and enhancing the star’s vibrant fan community.

The StarSite system provides a user-friendly environment for showcasing a celebrity’s personality, talent, insights and unique, “branded” content, while further developing loyal relationships. Each StarSite channel cuts through all of the online and mobile noise by enabling direct, two-way interaction between a celebrity and his or her millions of fans. On the “back end,” StarSite’s advanced technology also provides unparalleled consumer and fan data, and enables superior protection of the star’s intellectual property.

For time-crunched, in-demand entertainers, athletes and other cultural icons, StarSite is an efficient, one-stop social media control center. Uploading content one time ensures the celebrity’s message is immediately distributed to other social media sites, reaching fans and friends where they live. Feed the latest news, observations, insights or photos through his or her own StarSite channel, and the celebrity is assured that his or her entire fan base will get the message. Further, those fans now have the means to reach high-profile figures in an attractive, mutually safe environment, guaranteeing a rich interactive experience for everybody.

Bernhard Fritsch, an Internet entrepreneur and digital-media pioneer, who developed and patented the first commercially viable, secure means of distributing and selling digital content, created StarClub

StarClub’s “As Close As It Gets” experience focuses on unique, intimate and exclusive guest engagements for fans with their favorite celebrities and brands through StarSites. StarClub will soon provide StarSite channels for brands and brand-related content.

The company’s free channel apps are available for downloading at Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Market and Internet outlets.

Based in Santa Monica, StarClub was founded in December 2008 and was under development until September 2013. For more information, please visit


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